About Us

Welcome to Singlemoms.in a unique website where you will be able to find answers to some of the most daunting questions that you ask yourself every single day. Whether your concerns are about being the best parent in the world, to whether or not it is too late to start your own career; Singlemoms.in wishes to talk to you, share your worries and be your strengths by providing help through information.

Our Objective

Our website is focused towards lending a helping hand to single mothers who face the daily challenges of life with wisdom, dignity, courage, and confidence. With special sections with cater to various aspects of a single mother’s life, Singlemoms.in aims to fill the gap and offer solution based information to you.

Your New Best Friend

With the perfect blend of empathy, humour, encouragement and applicable advice, Singlemoms.com aims to play the role of a single mother’s best friend and guide in this evolved yet traditional Indian setting.

Power through Information

With fascinating sections to browse through you will be able to find answers to questions pertaining to family, relationships, love, parenting, beauty, career, health, finance, safety and home improvement. This website aims to empower single mothers in India and all around the world to build an independent life for themselves that is uplifting and satisfying at the same time.

Creating Communities

We aim to connect single mothers from around the country and even the world to share their experiences and ideas for the benefit of others. A website which focuses on creating a blend between the demands of the modern life and traditional belief systems of India; Singlemoms.in aims to bring together women from all walks to life to meet other single mothers, share their experiences and offer solutions to creating a beautiful life for themselves and their children.

An idea conceived by Strikeoneads, a leading business in the internet space, it has been catering to a range of Indian audiences by offering unique internet based solutions through websites such as Mangliks.com – A matrimonial website catering to Mangliks; and Maabeti.com – a website dedicated to the sacred relationship between mother and daughter.

With a fantastic experience of 8 years, we bring to you yet another revolutionary website which is an ode to Indian woman who is willing to swim against the tide to achieve her life’s goals and provide for the best life available for her children.

Register with Singlemoms.in today and start browsing through our articles and forums which are created by women who have been through the same concerns and ordeals in life. Make Singlemoms.in your new best friend, philosopher and guide.

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