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A large number of mothers find it challenging to deal with their daughters when they reach the delicate teenage phase of life. This tends to be a graver case in case of single mothers who are caught up trying to fill in multiple shoes at the same time with their children. This tends to cause a hurdle between the mother and daughter, who need to establish a dialogue so that the daughter can approach the mother with questions regarding the physical emotional and intellectual changes that she is going through.

The Importance of Instilling values in beauty and Hygiene among Daughters understand the crucial nature of instilling values of personal care hygiene and beauty among daughters to make sure they grow up to become young, confident and healthy women. Single mothers are required to take extra effort in advocating how their daughters need to take care of themselves not only from a materialistic perspective but also to make sure that they aren’t psychologically impacted by what they see around them.

This section of intends to provide single mothers with resources that help bridge the communication gap between mothers and daughters; and help single mothers approach sensitive topics such as weight, menstruation, personal care, and beauty. We intend to help the single mothers teach their daughters the real value of true beauty and support them in discouraging the ideal of beauty that the media promotes in today’s generation.

Read interesting beauty and health tips created specifically for teenage and growing girls, share your ideas, experiences and views with other single mothers and contribute towards creating and shaping tomorrow’s confident female leaders who will share their life’s lessons with their daughters some day.

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