The challenges of raising a child all by yourself as a single mother can be very overwhelming. On top of that, there is also the stress of putting some bread of the table. We at understand the challenges of needing to be out of the home for over 40 hours a week and also raising a child at the same time.

Careers for Single Moms

As a single mother, we realize the importance of finding a career that offers flexibility without the need to compromise on a salary. This section aims at bringing to you creative tips and solutions on finding the right career for yourself, helping you build a strong and sustainable income and tips of how you optimize your day so that you are able to be productive at work and also play a significant role in the upbringing of your children.

Finding the Right Job

Not all companies and professions are ideal for single mothers. offers to you informative resources that will help you identify the perfect industry, profession and job for yourself. What’s more? Take influence from other success stories, ideas and tips made available to you to consider starting your own business from home, which brings in sustainable income and allows you to spend all your time with your children. aims to be the strength of a modern Indian woman who has to face the tough challenges of the real world and prepare her to take them on with her head held high. This platform aims to connect single mothers from all walks of life and motivate them to build an independent life of their own, which in turn is able to provide for her children and herself.

Read and share our fascinating content to develop some interesting ideas on finding the right career, creating a work-life balance and managing your monies.

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