Parenting aims to empower single mothers in India with solution based information that simplifies their life. Here you will be able to introduce yourself with various aspects of parenting, from how to treat your toddler child to solving problems pertaining to your adolescent or teenage child.

Bring up a Child Single Handed

With in depth information ranging from the importance of singing rhymes to your infant child, to instilling Indian values this section offers comprehensive guidelines pertaining to raising Indian children, introducing them to the values, culture, and heritage of our country.

In addition to parenting tips and advice, you will also be able to gain access to a range of resources that help aid your parenting and teaching process.

Building Communities

Our website aims to foster community interaction through its forums and discussion boards. We believe that the best advice comes from those who have learnt the hard way. Meet other single mothers through our parenting section and raise questions and acquire answers on simple ways to instil good values within your children.

This Section discusses issues and provides solutions pertaining to –

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