You have survived the midnight tantrums and the potty training and the back-to-school blues, but nothing can prepare you for what’s coming when your child grows to become a teenager. The teen years are a confusing time for children. They go through intense growth, from a physical, emotional and intellectual perspective. Dealing with a teenage child can be quite a challenge for families, for single mothers even more so.

Handling your Teenage Child

In spite of all your fears and apprehensions about the teenage years, it is important for you as a mother to understand that this phase is equally tough on your child as well. Also, while they are in the process of building their own set of ideas and beliefs, they can be very thoughtful and deep as well.

Singlemoms.in understands the challenges of this trying phase in the life of a parent and a teen, and thus offers to you a range of information, tips and advice on how best you can manage your relationship with your teenage son or daughter.

Teenage Boys versus Teenage Girls

Another major challenge that a single mother faces is, her need to treat her children according to their needs. For example, we at Singlemoms.in understand that the requirements of teenage boys and teenage girls are very different. One needs to handle situations differently, impart different lessons and each one in a unique way that does not make them feel like you are imposing your ideas on them.

Go through our customized sections which share a variety of information on common issues and problems of adolescent boys and girls and how best you can handle these situations. Share your personal ideal and experiences for the benefit of other single mothers and make use of these resources to optimize your relationship with your teenage child.

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