'The arrival of a Child is a Birth of a Mother'

The initial years of any child are extremely crucial. As a single mother, it is important that you are there for your child at every step of the way to ensure consistent growth of personality, health and overall well being of the child.

In spite of the challenges of being a single mother, is here to lend a helping hand to you to help you through the most crucial years of your child. While we cannot offer the physical support of day to day challenges in bringing a child on your own, we can most certainly provide you with interesting guidelines that act as a support system to all the hard work you are putting in. urges you to enjoy these beautiful years of the growth of your child and grow along with him or her.

New Born Babies

This section of aims to welcome you into parenthood. Here, you will find answers to all kinds of questions pertaining to the sleeping habits of your child, information on baby care, feeding, health, development and safety. This section will also answer questions on breast feeding, baby milestones, how to identify common and serious illnesses and other baby activities.


As a single mother learn how to manage the terrible two’s! Toddlers begin to develop their own ideas and demands, and it is time for you start keeping pace with their bodies and emotions. Make the most of their tantrums, toilet training, and their first independent bed by going through the fascinating articles and information we provide on toddler care.

Also find answers to unexpected questions such as helping your child settle into school life, encouraging them to make new friends, and how to manage their tantrums.

encouraging them to make new friends, and how to manage their tantrums. is a one stop solution to all your questions pertaining to toddler care.

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